Doris Miller

Doris "Dorie" Miller was born in Waco, Texas on October 12, 1919 to Henrietta and Conery Miller. He also had three brothers. Doris Miller entered the Navy on September 16, 1939. He was 20 years old and was the cook on the U.S.S. West Virgina.
At Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, he took over a machine gun and shot down several enemy planes. Miller was awarded the Navy Cross Award for his bravery at Pearl Harbor. He continued to serve on active duty. On the morning of November 24,1943 Miller lost his life in the explosion of the U.S.S. Lisome Bay.
Today many Boys Clubs are named for U.S. Navy Mess Attendant 1st Class Doris Miller.
So Doris Miller’s Triumph was that he was recognized for his bravery from fighting in Pearl Harbor. His Tragedy was that he died in the explosion of the U.S.S. Liscome Bay on November 24, 1943. 


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