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Bertrand's Restaurant
Gladys and Roy Bertrand Sr., taken at the Waco Restaurant Association's Women's Auxiliary party in November 1961.
Sam Coates, unknown woman, and Roy Bertrand Sr., at a restaurateur's function. From left: Myrtle Bertrand Crawford, 'Grannie' Emma Lee Bertrand (his mom); Inez Bertrand Battle (famed biscuit-maker), Hopie Bertrand Lowden of Chicago and Roy Bertrand Sr. Roy B. Bertrand Jr. and Sr. The younger Bertrand was more often known as Brown.
Gladys Nemmer Bertrand (now 95) at the cash register of the BK Coffee Shop.  George Kouvas, a partner in the original BK Coffee Shop in Waco, and his wife Catherine, from Greece. (His first wife was Hopie Bertrand, Roy Sr.'s baby sister). Gladys and Roy Bertrand Sr., on the occasion of their 50th anniversary, in 1982.
  Nov. 1951, ad copy from The Chuck Wagon, a trade publication.  

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