Town 'N' Country Barber Shop

David Kirk

In the summer of 1958 I shined shoes at Paul Coffman's Barber Shop in Bellmead. At the end of that summer, I enrolled in Waco Barber College on Austin Avenue. I was a part-time student, as I was still attending LaVega High School.

To become a licensed barber in the state of Texas, you had to have 1,000 hours of schooling which usually took six months. It took me 10 months to get my time in. On June 10, 1959, I passed the State Exam in Austin and became an Assistant Barber-Class A.

At the required minimum age of 16 1/2, I became the youngest licensed barber in Texas. The state required you to work 18 months as an apprentice barber, then retake the written and practical test in Austin. At the age of 18, I became the youngest Master Barber in Texas. I began my career in Coffman's Barber Shop while attending LaVega High School as a Junior.

After high school graduation, I left for Fort Ord, Calif., to fulfill my military obligation. Upon completion, I worked for Lee Kuehl at his Westview Barber Shop along with C.H. Jackson and Aubrey Mace.

I then went to work at Eastgate Barber Shop for Ted Hernandez. Other barbers working there were Ben Urban, Damon King and George January. Seven years later, I went in partnership with Rex Tullos at Tullos Barber Shop in Bellmead.

In 1973. I opened Town 'N' Country Barber Shop in Bellmead. Benny Urban, Jerry McGauhy, and Ray Brod were several of the barbers working with me during the 32 years I operated this shop.

Due to double knee replacements, I retired in 2005. I am still a licensed barber, having just received my 50th barber license.

I met many interesting people and made hundreds of great friends. The loyalty of my customers continues to oamaze me. I made a great living and I am so grateful for my experience in the barber profession.

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