My kiss with President Truman

Martha Miller

March 6, 1947 is double-starred in my diary, as it tells of a very exciting experience in my life. I kissed President Harry Truman.

The president had come to Waco to accept an honorary degree from Baylor University. It just so happened that my grandmother, Ardelia Palmer, was Truman's high school teacher in Independence, Mo.

With that personal connection to the president, my grandmother was invited to sit on the stage at Waco Hall. I'll never forget her beaming from up there to see her pupil.

I was 10 at the time. After the ceremony, she took me to a special luncheon and introduced me to the president. When I gave him a gardenia for his lapel, he asked me to kiss him on the cheek.

I still get a thrill remembering when I kissed President Truman.

Martha Sue Thompson Miller has been a Waco Resident Since 1940.

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