Working, romancing downtown

Mary Ann Cash

I rode in on the Interurban train from West for my first job. Ms. Rosalee Walla asked me to work at the courthouse for Jim Morrison for one week.

That helped me land my first full-time job, working in the Amicable Life on the 24th floor for Homan Easley. (It was at this time, that I began dating my future husband Herold V. Cash.)

Dining places like Charlie Lugo's, the Circus Room and Black Angus will always be remembered fondly. It was at the latter that Herold proposed to me.

Another favorite eating place was Elma's hot dog stand across the alley from Goldstein's on Austin Avenue. We enjoyed chili at Williams' Drug. Scotty Reece made the world's best there.

My second job was at Citizens National Bank. There were no coffee breaks inside work at this time, so we would walk to the Elite or Harris's Cigar Store.

As my job progressed, I began taking the hot checks for the collection department for Cy Rogers. I walked or traveled by bus all over Waco including all the way out to the Cooper Co. and Hoffman Banana, then on to C. O. Miller on the tracks.

On one of my collections, I was able to see President Truman as he was traveling through on a whistle stop.

I was able to see many things during my daily trips that give me fond memories of places and people I met along the way. One was Lou, a fixture at the Liberty building as the elevator operator in charge.

As a young girl in Waco, I was vastly influenced by the people and places I encountered. Because of them, I have very fond memories.

Mary Ann Cash is involved in the Senior Work Program.

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