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The Waco History Project is a joint effort of the Waco community to provide a resource base on Waco history and to generate curricula and other learning resources for teaching local history in the Waco and surrounding communities.


The Waco History Project (WHP) will connect people of all ages to the community by telling the story of Waco's diverse past.

Readers of the Waco Tribune-Herald have seen Waco History Project events, sometimes dovetailing with its Brazos Past features. We’ve explored areas like Sandtown, Calle Dos (Two Street), one-time suburb White City (it’s not what the name might imply), and long-lost Bridge Street, where black-owned businesses predominated.

A major thrust is imparting local history with Waco children. The Waco Independent School District has been intimately involved. One of our hopes is that not only will students refer to this site, but that student work about Waco history will also accumulate on the site. Check out “Student Corner” and get a taste. But that’s all it is right now — a taste. There’s so much more to share and so much local history for students and citizens of Waco to explore.


Waco History Project Presentation

WHAT: “A Coming Home Celebration and Remembrance”
WHEN: Wednesday July 27, 2011
6:00 p.m. Program
WHERE: VFW Post 6008 in Hewitt

The Waco History Project will present “A Coming Home Celebration and Remembrance” to honor Waco-area veterans of the Korean War, especially its POWs and the missing-in-action, at 6 p.m. July 27 at VFW Post 6008 in Hewitt.

The free, public presentation takes place at 725 Sun Valley Blvd., and will feature stories of grace and courage from Sgt. Julian Ramon, Cpl. Isaac Martinez, Cpl Abraham Hernandez and Sgt. Jack Goodwin -- all Central Texans U.S. Army veterans who survived the horrors of Communist captivity during the conflict which ended July 27, 1953.

Refreshments will be served. For more information, call 722-8940

First Person

First Person

Straight from those who lived the history, citizens tell their stories of Waco's rich past. more...

Waco in 1873

See How Waco Grew

Check out this map of Waco in 1873 and see how it changed in just a few years. Also explore birds-eye images of historic Waco from from the Amon Carter Museum. more...

Student Corner

See a classroom museum, books, projects, websites, "Did you know?" quiz and Poppa Rollo's Gazette. Visit for fun and knowledge! more...

Oral History

Oscar DuConge, wife Kitty, & Thomas Charlton

The late Oscar DuConge, Waco's first African-American mayor, and his wife Kitty, visit with former Oral History Institute director Thomas Charlton in 1973.  Visit the Oral History page for stories and links to the Baylor University Oral History Dept.

Heart of Texas Regional History Fair

History Fair

The HEART OF TEXAS REGIONAL HISTORY FAIR usually takes place on the second Thursday and Friday in February each year. It is open to students in grades 5-12 across 14 counties. For more information on the HOTRHF and our press release on our featured students go to Texas Regional History Fair.  more...

Brazos Past

Weekly pages of Waco history from the Waco Tribune-Herald. more...

Texas Collection

In 1923, Waco physician Dr. Kenneth Hazen Aynesworth presented to Baylor University several hundred items from his personal collection of materials on Texas history. The gift has stimulated the growth of a premier research collection on Texas and Texas-related subjects which document the development of this region from the early North American explorations to the present. Baylor University Texas Collection site more...

Cameron Park Zoo

Visit a Photo Gallery of our Neighborhood

AJ Moore Academy's Academy of Information Technology students compiled a photo gallery of our their neighbors along the Brazos River and helpful city and state links. more...


Resources for Waco history

Waco History, Historical Landmarks of McLennan County, Children's Guide to Waco Landmarks. more...

The Forsgards meet The Wacos — audio slide show.


   Waco Post Cards - slide show.
Moments in Time "The Bus Ride"

Jewel Lockridge was a young teenager, admittedly a little stubborn and rebellious, when she took the most memorable bus ride of her life. more...

Places in Time Sandtown "Are You From Sandtown?"

Sandtown, a place that exists only in the hearts and minds of its former inhabitants and their descendants. more...

"The Square From Every Corner"

"People came down and they sold their hay and they sold their chickens, and they sold their eggs on the Square." more...

Did You Know...

Waco 's Suspension Bridge originally was a toll bridge? Completed in 1870 by the company that later would build the Brooklyn Bridge, it replaced a ferry boat across the Brazos. The Suspension Bridge featured billboards advertising local businesses. more...

"You're Old Waco if..."

Slavery in Waco

Slaves in the Shadows of the Past: The Institution Was No Stranger to the Waco Area in the Mid-1800s. Although slavery arrived much later in Texas than it did in many other Southern states, the institution was certainly no stranger in Waco and Central Texas in the mid-1800s.

Historic Note Cards of Waco

Historic Note Cards of Waco can be purchased from Jennifer Warren by calling 254-366-2442 or emailing annabelltoo@yahoo.com.


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